Sunday, June 6, 2010

Closure of Shunji Matsuo MidValley

Dear all,

Please be informed that Shunji Matsuo Hair Studio at MidValley have ceased operations on 24th May 2010.

Our team can be contacted as below:-

Money Wong - 016 292 4850
Raymond Chew - 017 604 5140
Ben-G - 012 625 5641
Jessie Tang - 012 286 1720

Thank you.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Its Been A Great Year..

For its has been a great year.. I am having a heavy heart for saying this as Shunji Matsuo Midvalley will shutting its door for the last time come 23rd of May'10.

It been a very long but fulfilling journey but the only thing I will miss most is my GREAT TEAM who never beyond my doubt that they were the heroes. Without them I won't have cut and done so many great hairstyles that my clients would have approved of.


Ben G

It was a good experience for myself as I have never been so patient in my life before this and the process of learning was good for me. The ups and downs that we as a team gone through has make me a stronger person and also a more contented person in general.

From June 1st, I will be doing freelance work and by appointments only, I will be using Shawn Cuttler Salon as my base, The salon is located at Jalan Telawi 2, Bangsar, K.L. It is just next to LaBodega Restaurant.

Please do call me on my mobile no 017-6045140 a few hours earlier or even better 1 day before so that I know that you will be coming over to the salon. You can also e-mail me at or drop a comment at as I will update it everyday.

Hope to hear from you soon and thank you once again for your loving support.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Grooming Packages for your Man.

Ever been tired of your Man's hairdo?  Ever wanted to give him a present for his mane and at the same time get rewarded?

Well wait no more!  We are launching our first Men's Grooming Package, perfect for the discerning modern man!  Ideal as a birthday present, anniversary present, or out of complete love to your Man, awww....

We feel that everyone deserves to look good, not only the ladies.  We're pretty sure you would like your Man's tresses to look good and at the same time be the envy of others in town ;-)

So in the spirit of rewarding, we are also rewarding you by giving you a FREE Hair Treatment for every package signed.  As the saying goes "When you give, you receive".  Some would ask are the ladies entitled to this package?  

And the answer is... "YES".  The ladies are also entitled to buy these packages and enjoy the Hair Treatments or they could give it to their friends as another present. :-)

Ahh... isn't life beautiful?  

Questions?  Refer to our fanpage here.

May you find peace always,

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Scalp Problems and Solutions

Almost everyone today are plagued by scalp problems be it temporary or permanent.  And also the causes of scalp problems are often many, if not unavoidable given the fast paced environment we are in.

Scalp problems are divided into 3 categories, hair loss, oily scalp and dandruff.  Although there are many solutions to scalp problems in the market today, but lets break it down to something that we can understand better and seek the proper solution to help us reduce and or delay the effects of scalp problems.  

Here are some information from ALFAPARF Milano on their take on the scalp issues facing our modern day consumers.

We would also like to inform everyone that we are doing a special tie up with ALFAPARF Milano for their scalp treatment packages whereby you will get a Home Maintenance Kit worth RM 60 for every RM 480 scalp package signed at the salon.  The packages are for 6 treatments.


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Feature of the Month March 2010 Album

The Feature of the Month March 2010 Album is now OUT!  Here are some pics to share with everyone

To view the rest of the album, click here


May you find peace always

Sunday, March 14, 2010

The GREAT 5000 Facebook Fans GIVEAWAY!

We're pretty sure you've have read about this by now, as a token of appreciation of having 5000 fans on our Facebook fan page.

We hope that the fan page continues to grow and in time, prizes will get bigger and bigger.  Thats a GUARANTEE!

We are really thankful to everyone who has followed us from the beginning in 2009 when the fan page started and through to the Feature of the Month Competition, where every month winners are winning by more and more votes.  Also we would like to thank Peter Tan Photography for the cooperation rendered in participating in our projects together be it the Feature of the Month or other magazine projects such as the FACES Magazine.

Coming back to the topic of the GREAT GIVEAWAY, here are the mechanics of the giveaway, no voting required ;-)

Want to know more what kind of prizes are up for grabs?  Come on over! :-)

And finally some terms and conditions to keep everyone grounded ;-)

Again, our heartfelt gratitude to everyone's support and this would be the best opportunity for all of the Facebook community to come over and win yourself some prizes as this competition is EXCLUSIVE only to our Facebook Fans with the correct "WORD of the WEEK".

Watch out for our "WORD of the WEEK" coming out soon on the Fan page and get ready to win some prizes as all that come with the "WORD of the WEEK" are guaranteed a prize!

So remember, RM 100 gets you 1 draw (prize), RM 300 gets you 2 draws (2 prizes) and RM 500 gets you 3 draws (3 prizes).  The more draws you get, the higher your chances of winning a personal photography session with Peter Tan Photography!  All this minus the hassle of getting votes :-) 

Isn't nice to get your hair done and be the lucky one to win a photography session and at the same time flaunting the new do as your latest profile pic on Facebook?  Betcha want it :-)

So read on the mechanics posted and any inquiries, please do not hesitate to send an email to:

We would be glad to answer all your queries.  Do note that there is also a discussion setup for this in the discussion section in the Fanpage.  Go check it out!


Sunday, March 7, 2010

Donations for Agathians Shelter in collaboration with Friends and Business Partners

6th March 2010, marked a very special day for Agathians Shelter in PJ as we raised about RM 1200 from friends and suppliers to buy some food as donation to the 33 young children housed in a shelter nestled next to the federal highway off the Jalan Templer/222 turn-off.

This is a view of the shelter from the Federal Highway, Subang bound.

We chanced upon this shelter when we wanted to embark on our mission to give back to the society as we felt that the underprivileged also deserves a right to feel good.   A little background on the shelter is that this shelter is currently housing 33 boys, aged 4 to 17 and the picture you see above is the corner unit that they are renting to expand.  Their existing house is the unit before the corner unit you see in the picture above and before they can move into the new "wing" they will require RM12,000.00 for wiring and plumbing purposes alone!  Currently this renovation has been pending for the past 2 months due to a lack of funds.

Here's a link on I found on YouTube on them.  Click here.

Here are some additional pictures of what went on that day.

For more info on the shelter, the website is

No. 22, Jalan Kelah 8/6,
Seksyen 8,Petaling Jaya,
46050, Selangor, Malaysia.
Tel: 03-7954 1680
H/P: 012-296 8014
Fax: 03-7954 4680

We would also like to thank the team from Heng Lee Beauty Supply and Trafford Trading for making it a day to cherish for all at Agathians Shelter.  Not forgetting also our close friends Clarence, Wong, Nicole, Selena, Kaj, Raymond, Jo, Amanda, Keaven, Alan and Veron.

We hope to also place a box for your donations at our salon to help them raise the RM 12k required.  For those who want to donate directly can call the number above and all donations will be issued tax exempted receipts.

Its nice to do good!  No words can describe the good feeling from such an activity.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Peter Tan Photography Valentine Giveaway and FACES Valentine Shoot

We were also the proud sponsor for the Peter Tan Photography Valentine Giveaway where we met up with Elise and Isaac who were the happy couple to have won the prize of a makeover from us!

Working with them was a true pleasure as both of them were good looking and not much make-up was required from us to make them look good.

To see more of the pictures from Peter Tan Photography, click here

Also in the Valentine mood, we worked together with Peter Tan Photography and FACES Magazine for their Valentine Issue which featured 7 of 10 couples from Peter Tan Photography's LUCKY COUPLE contest.

We had quite a lot of fun working on this project with Faces as we had to work on 7 couples throughout the day for the shoot and boy were we glad that the shoot was in Gardens!  Made a lot of the work simpler as there was no travelling involved.

Click here to view the pictures for this album.


Jan 2010 Feature of the Month

Controversy!  Drama! Never seen before relentless support for contestants for our January 2010 Feature of the Month.  There were 2 very strong contestants that lit up the entire competition, Alicia Wong and Yvonne Ng.  Votes for both contestants coming in like 2 boxers trading punches, with neither a clear victor in sight.

When we announced the results, declaring Alicia Wong as the winner, we were instantly corrected by the supporters of Yvonne Ng that we might have made a mistake on the calculation of the votes.  Among the comments we received were that voting did not close at 12 midnight but instead the winner was announced only the next day (ironically terms and conditions dictated earlier stated otherwise)

However, its nice to know that our mini contest is being taken seriously and thus the commitment from contestants to gather more votes from their friends and their friends.

We deliberated and felt that an error may have occurred during the calculation of the votes and we have decided to make both Alicia Wong and Yvonne Ng as joint winners for our Jan 2010 feature of the month.  We would also like to thank Pete (Peter Tan Photography) for the gracious support for us to take both winners without much hesitation when spoken to.

We have also deliberated on the entire matter and felt that necessary changes were required to control and to make voting fairer for contestants and also for us as we have been pretty flexible with willing participants of our Feature of the Month.

Thus without much ado, allow me to welcome to you, the additional Terms and Conditions that we felt would do some justice to much of our hardwork.  

We hope that everyone understands that this is not any deliberate attempt to undermine anyone but rather we hoped that everyone would learn to understand how damaging the written word is even though the person did not say it face to face.  Lawsuits have been won in the past for damaging statements or untrue statements that did not reflect the actual course of events.

Again we hope that this serves as a reminder that this contest is created for fun and also for everyone to enjoy their new hairdo with their friends as a genuine vote requires only a CLICK and not really the world.

May you find peace.


Ahmad Nabil's Shoot with Peter Tan Photography

My apologies for the long absence as we've gotten a little rusty from the Chinese New Year Holidays... :-)

Time has really passed since Chinese New Year till now and its already in March!  We've missed blogging for the entire month of February due to the tremendous support shown by everyone coming in before the festive season.  Again many thanks to those who made appointments and also putting up with the slightly "HEATY" Aircond ;-) (the weather over CNY was really bad eh.. remember?)

To see more of the shoot click here

Ladies, enjoy the eye candy ;-)


Sunday, January 24, 2010

Ahmad Nabil, Winner of our December 2009 Feature of the Month!

I'd remember earlier when we started the competition, the men customers mostly did not want to participate in the Feature of the Month Competition due to not having much to show for men's hair styles plus also women have more friends who will vote for them in any beauty related competition.

Boy are they so WRONG!  Ahmad Nabil proved that with friends, anything can happen and surely it did.  He won the December voting by also a massive 176 votes, 20% more than the closest competitor.

Once again, our congratulations to Ahmad for winning December 2009 voting.  We will upload some pictures for all to see when Peter Tan takes his pictures.  Stay tuned!


Friday, January 15, 2010

Manicure & Pedicure Services and Price List

Finally!  Everyone can stop holding their breaths now and welcome Nail Lounge into Shunji Matsuo Hair Studio in Midvalley.

Here are the pricing for your info.  I'm sure they're pretty easy on the pockets :-)

Appointments are appreciated :-)


Friday, January 8, 2010


We have been preaching the HALO as one of the styles for 2010 for quite a while now and what better way to help you make up your mind on the hairstyle is to give you a run down on the style itself and at the same time debunk some myths associated with this hairdo.

1.  Virtually a maintenance free hairstyle that does not require styling.  Should you want to create a more voluminous effect, a flat iron (yes, you heard me right) or a hairdryer will do together with some texturizers such as Serums or Wax to create that shine.

2.  Very very EDGY and TRENDY.  The HALO was in and out during the years and now its here for real.  Sick and tired of the usual hairdo?  Well we too!   Its always the long and neat or short and tidy which are suitable for office wear, easy to maintain and  easilly FORGETTABLE too!  Give yourself a change in these difficult times and get your zest back to face the year of the Tiger with a new style.

3.  Evenly distributed regrowth of hair.  Some of you do worry that by having this hairstyle, when it grows back, the HALO would look like a roadkill after a few weeks of hair regrowth.  Well ladies, sorry to disappoint you there but no, it does not work this way.  Even without trimming after 4 to 6 weeks, the hair would still be in shape, with the only exception that your fringe would be in the way (depends on the length of the fringe when cut initially) but then again, being able to stand out from the rest of the crowd in these competitive times?  Why not? :-)

4.  Some would say that this hairdo is very HOT!  Not as it gorgeous HOT but "Panas" Hot.  Yes it might true for some but ladies, you don't work in a construction site do you?  :-)  Actually for Ivy, since sporting the hairdo, she says its much lighter on her head and it has become perfect for accessories due to the uniqueness of the style.  Large plastic framed glasses would be a great addition for that geeky and yet cutting edge look!

5.  For people with fine hair, the HALO is also the perfect remedy to creating more volume as the haircut is created with hardlines and also a slight graduation towards the top.  But people with thick hair don't fret as the volume is automatically created with the haircut.  So what does this all mean?  Those with thick hair just need to comb through while those with fine hair would do just as great with a bit of blowdrying.  Its that simple!

Want more info on the HALO?  Come on over and have a chat with us.

Lets us say HALO to welcome the year of the Tiger 2010!


Hair Trends for 2010

Our article on 2010 Hair Trends has just been uploaded on  Click to view the link here.

In this article we discussed the trends that we will be seeing in the year 2010 where a return of the 80s hairstyles are likely with more emphasis on VOLUME.  Not forgetting also is the HALO, making a super comeback stronger than ever, adding a more edgy and creative persona to the wearer (which is YOU)

Curls and Volume


Also coloring the theme of the 80s with would be the color RED.  Chilli RED, Deep RED and other REDS are also going to be the color of the year (I wonder if there's a Ferrari RED ;-)

Anyhow, we're not going to create a duplicate of the article here.  So go and click on the link for the article in

For the uninitiated, here's the link again.  Click HERE ;-)


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Loke Yong Ping, Feature of the Month November 2009 Winner

Yong Ping was voted the November Feature of the Month with a massive 227 votes and here are some pictures of her photoshoot.

Here's a picture of her before the makeover for the photoshoot with Peter Tan Photography

And here's a picture of her during the shoot

Love the transformation? ;-)  Then you know what needs to be done.

You can view the rest of the album here